Company history

After a period of training at the ironmonger’s shop Greinitz in Graz and Trieste and several years as a travelling salesman in the Balkans as far as Turkey Hermann Schwerter senior founded an export commission business in October 1905 selling products of the Iserlohn area to the big Russian Empire.

The October Revolution and World War One wrecked 13 years of building up and cost a “fortune”. The company started again exporting to Hungary, Yugoslavia and Austria as well as Czechoslovakia and Switzerland; because of World war Two nearly everything was ruined again.

In the 1950’s the contacts to the customers in Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland were re-established and expanded to Southern Germany. The program mainly consisted of interior decoration articles for furniture, windows and hall stands especially hat shelves made of aluminium. Since the end of the 1960’s self produced wrought iron lead to a mushroom growth. Whether handrail supports for ropes, curtain rail support sets or supports for hanging flower pots the ironmongery specialist trade found a complete wrought iron range at affordable prices.

Parallel to this self-service systems with ironmongery on plastic coated cards were developed for the first time.

Jürgen Schwerter took over the company in 1979 after the sudden death of Hermann Schwerter junior and added hall stands and fittings made of brass and aluminium to the production range. With the friendly takeover of various local producers an old ‘Iserlohn brass tradition’ was kept alive. Shortly after the takeover of Kirschbaum & Siebrecht in 1988 and the following expansion of the sales territory to the whole of Western Germany the Berlin Wall came down.

Jürgen Schwerter travelled around the GDR as one of the first West-representatives and won about 1000 new customers. By taking over the production of technical furniture fittings from Kühler in Wien the know how in the field of furniture fittings was strengthened.

Today the core ranges technical fasteners (ironmongery, screws, hooks, nails) and furniture fittings (decorative and technical) can be offered loose for the wholesale business and self-service packed for DIY-markets and ironmonger’ shops from one hand. Ropes/chains with accessories and coarse fittings/wood connectors round the range off.

In 1994 the company moved to the present building on an area of 35.000m² in total.

Almost 30.000 articles, modern logistics and data processing equipment as well as a noticeable marketing:

HSI – Everything simply better!

Owner Jürgen Schwerter
Owner Jürgen Schwerter
HSI-Headquarters, Iserlohn-Sümmern
HSI-Headquarters, Iserlohn-Sümmern